Dragon Nest Apk Delivers Unmatched MMORPG Adventure

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March 01, 2024
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In the dynamic realm of MMORPGs, the World of Dragon Nest Apk emerges as a groundbreaking open-world experience that seamlessly blends an intense narrative, swift character controls, and immersive battles. Awaken the dragon hunter within you and embark on challenging battles right from the convenience of your mobile device. Dive into the action now and receive exclusive in-game items worth $50, including the Three-Wheeled Bike, in the World of Dragon Nest (WOD).

Game System Overview:

1. Open World Exploration

For avid action MMORPG enthusiasts, the vast Open World of World of Dragon Nest awaits. Traverse a colossal landscape and confront powerful bosses. Grab your trusty weapon and advance through the realms of World of Dragon Nest (WOD).

2.  4 Familiar Classes + 1 New ‘Slayer’ Class

Craft your character freely, choosing the desired gender in this MMORPG action. With four familiar classes and the introduction of the all-new ‘Slayer’ class, unseen in any Dragon Nest IP before, the possibilities for character creation are boundless.

3. Weapon & Skill Chain System

The ‘Weapon Swap’ system allows you to instantly switch your main weapon, even in the heat of battle! Customize your ‘Skill Chain’ combos limitlessly, unleashing up to 17 continuous action skills creatively.

4. PvP Modes

  • 1v1 Single PvP: Real-time battles where you fight in the arena for victory!
  • Team PvP: Team-based battles with up to four players on each team.
  • Brace yourself for extreme fun in the Free-for-All system, allowing up to eight players to join the fray.
  • Challenge your strength in the PvP Colosseum mode.
  • Up to 200 players can engage in simultaneous battles in Siege War! Are you ready for the hottest PvP action in this MMORPG storm?

5. Life System

Experience life in this abundant Open World MMORPG—whether it’s fishing, farming, mining, pet keeping, riding, or simply relaxing in the spa. Create your own enjoyable community in the World of Dragon Nest (WOD).

The Tale of World of Dragon Nest (WOD):

The narrative unfolds as the goddess Althea, creator of a peaceful and harmonious world, receives praise from Demodeus. However, jealousy consumes the goddess Vestinel, who poisons Althea and escapes to a mysterious land. Afflicted by the poison, Althea falls into a deep slumber, and our world is born from her dreams.

Vestinel creates the Beyond Dragon, sending it to destroy Althea. The Ancient Dragon and Chaos Dragon, world guardians, struggle to protect the world from the Beyond Dragon and successfully expel the malevolent creature. The Chaos Dragon, tainted by evil, and the Ancient Dragon have fallen. The crystal aura, the source of dragon power, shatters and spreads across the land.

Time passes, and a small portion of the Chaos Dragon’s aura is reborn as the powerful Black Karas Dragon. Humans stand little chance against this formidable foe.

Geraint and Argenta, born of the Ancient Dragon’s power, transform into humans and gather strength from all tribes to defend the world. Geraint conceals his true identity as a dragon, knowing the hatred and cruelty associated with his kind. Together with the Six Heroes, his allies, Geraint journeys to the valley where the Karas Dragon resides.

Yet, the Black Dragon proves unbeatable for any human. Eventually, Geraint must abandon his human form to confront Karas in his true state.

Although Velskud is shocked to discover Geraint’s true form as a dragon, what captivates him most is the Black Dragon’s crystal. The origin of dragon power… Leaving the unconscious Geraint behind, Velskud steals the Black Dragon’s crystal. His greed and betrayal plunge Althea into disaster, transforming it into a world shrouded in ash and dust.

Customer Service

If you have any inquiries about the game, contact our official customer service through the following channels:

  • Official Website: wod.nexon.com
  • Facebook: www.fb.com/wodseapage
  • Email: help_wod@nexon.com


The World of Dragon Nest Apk stands as a testament to the evolution of MMORPGs, offering a captivating blend of open-world exploration, diverse character classes, and a gripping narrative. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary gaming experience and join the ranks of dragon hunters in a quest to protect a world born from the dreams of a fallen goddess.

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