FutureCash Loan App: A Quick Look at Borrowing in Nigeria

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May 20, 2024
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The need for quick access to cash can arise unexpectedly. Whether it’s an emergency car repair, a medical bill, or a pressing household expense, Nigerians are increasingly turning to online loan apps like FutureCash for financial solutions. This article delves into FutureCash, exploring its offerings, repayment terms, and how to get started.

Understanding FutureCash Loans

Developed by Nature Lending Nigeria Limited, FutureCash is a fast and convenient mobile application offering short-term loans to Nigerians. They advertise loans up to ₦100,000 with flexible repayment periods ranging from 61 days to 240 days. Additionally, they claim a competitive Annual Percentage Rate (APR) not exceeding 36%.

Here’s a breakdown of their loan structure:

  • Loan Amount: Up to ₦100,000
  • Repayment Period: 61 days to 240 days
  • Interest Rate: (Daily Rate) 0.02% – 0.09% resulting in a maximum APR of 36%

Understanding the Cost: FutureCash offers a transparent fee structure. Let’s look at an example to understand the actual cost of borrowing.

Loan Simulation:

Imagine borrowing ₦10,000 with a 90-day (3-month) repayment term. Here’s how the cost breaks down:

  • Total Interest Cost: ₦10,000 * 0.03% (daily rate) * 90 days = ₦270
  • Service Fee: ₦10,000 * 5% = ₦500
  • Total Repayment: ₦10,000 (principal) + ₦270 (interest) + ₦500 (fee) = ₦10,770
  • Monthly Payment: ₦10,770 / 3 months = ₦3,590
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 31.23% (This is a calculated figure based on the total loan cost)

Important Note: It’s crucial to remember that even though FutureCash advertises a maximum APR of 36%, the actual APR you pay may be lower depending on the specific terms of your loan, including the loan amount and repayment period.

Getting Started with FutureCash

If you’re considering a FutureCash loan, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Download the App: The FutureCash app is readily available for download on the Google Play Store.

  2. Create an Account: The application process is straightforward. You’ll need to register for an account using your mobile number.

  3. Apply for a Loan: Once your account is created, you can browse loan options and apply for the amount you need.

  4. Review and Accept Terms: Before finalizing your application, thoroughly review the loan agreement, including the interest rate, fees, and repayment schedule.

FutureCash Customer Support

  • Telephone: 09072813642
  • Email: help@naturelendingng.com
  • Official Website: naturelendingng (Disclaimer: This website is not available in English at this time.)
  • Address: 43, Road Rwang Pam, Jos, Plateau State
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday (9:00 AM – 7:00 PM), Saturday (9:00 AM – 3:00 PM)

FAQs on FutureCash Loans

Q: Is there a minimum credit score requirement to qualify for a FutureCash loan?

A: FutureCash doesn’t explicitly state a minimum credit score requirement on their available information.

Q: Are there any hidden fees associated with FutureCash loans?

A: FutureCash claims a transparent fee structure with a service fee on top of the daily interest rate. It’s important to carefully review the loan agreement before finalizing your application.

Q: What happens if I miss a loan payment?

A: Missing a loan payment can result in late fees and potentially damage your credit score. FutureCash’s specific late fee policy is not available on their readily available information, so it’s recommended to consult their loan agreement or contact customer service for details.


FutureCash offers a convenient solution for Nigerians seeking quick access to cash. However, it’s vital to be a responsible borrower and understand the complete cost of the loan, including interest rates and fees, before applying. Remember, it’s always wise to explore

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