FoundOne Loan App: Quick and Convenient Loans in Nigeria

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August 18, 2023
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financial needs can arise unexpectedly. Whether it’s an urgent medical expense, home repair, or covering unexpected bills, having access to quick and reliable loans can be a lifesaver. FoundOne Loan App is here to provide just that. With loan amounts ranging from ₦3,000 to ₦50,000, flexible repayment terms, and competitive interest rates, FoundOne Loan App offers a convenient solution for Nigerians in need of financial assistance.

FoundOne Loan App: Providing Clarity on Loan Calculations

Calculating loans may sound complex, but with FoundOne Loan App, it’s as easy as pie. Let’s take an example to illustrate. Imagine you choose a 12-month loan principal of ₦10,000. Here’s a breakdown of the details:

  • Installment plan: 12 months
  • Principal: ₦10,000
  • Amount of expenditure: ₦99,630.02
  • PMT (monthly payment amount): ₦1,004.6
  • Total interest: ₦2,055
  • Total amount: ₦12,055
  • Total interest rate: 20.55%
  • Monthly interest: 1.71%

Get Loan FoundOne: Quick and Simple

FoundOne Loan streamlines the loan application process, ensuring you receive the funds you need without unnecessary hassle. The process is as simple as it gets:

  1. Create Your Account: Start by creating an account on the FoundOne Loan platform.
  2. Apply in Seconds: Submit your loan application in a matter of seconds. Provide the necessary information accurately.
  3. Receive Funds Directly: Once approved, your loan amount will be transferred directly to your bank account.
  4. Increase Loan Limit: Repay your loans on time to increase your loan limit and enjoy higher borrowing capacity.

Eligibility for FoundOne Loans: Simple and Straightforward

FoundOne Loan aims to serve a wide range of individuals who need financial support. To be eligible for a loan, you must meet these basic criteria:

  1. Nigerian Citizenship: FoundOne loans are exclusively available to Nigerian citizens.
  2. Above 18 Years Old: Applicants must be at least 18 years old to qualify.
  3. Valid Documents and Proofs: Providing valid identification and supporting documents is essential.
  4. Active Bank Account: Applicants must possess an active bank account for seamless fund transfer.

Contact Customer Care for Assistance

We understand that you might have questions or need assistance while using the FoundOne Loan. dedicated customer care team is here to help:

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I apply for a loan using FoundOne Loan App?

Applying for a loan with FoundOne Loan App is incredibly easy. First, create an account on the app, then submit your loan application in just a few seconds. Once approved, the loan amount will be transferred directly to your bank account.

What is the range of loan amounts available through FoundOne Loan App?

FoundOne Loan offers loan amounts ranging from ₦3,000 to ₦50,000, ensuring you have access to funds that suit your specific needs.

How long are the loan terms offered by FoundOne Loan App?

The loan terms provided by FoundOne Loan are flexible. The shortest term is 91 days, and the longest term extends up to 365 days, giving you the freedom to choose a repayment period that works for you.

What are the interest rates associated with FoundOne loans?

FoundOne Loan offers competitive interest rates. The daily interest rate is 0.0057%, while the maximum annual interest rate (APR) is 20.55%.

Can I increase my loan limit with FoundOne Loan App?

Yes, you can increase your loan limit with FoundOne Loan by repaying your loans on time. Responsible repayment behavior will be rewarded with higher borrowing capacity.

Is there a customer care service for FoundOne Loan App?

Absolutely. If you have any questions, concerns, or require assistance, you can reach out to customer care team via e-mail at or by calling +234 09120180506.


FoundOne Loan stands as a beacon of financial support for Nigerians facing unforeseen expenses. With its user-friendly application process, flexible loan terms, and transparent interest rates, it offers a reliable solution for obtaining the funds you need, when you need them. Don’t let financial challenges hold you back—explore the convenience and accessibility of FoundOne Loan today.

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